Friday, October 5, 2012

Texas Girls - HEB Deals - Essie Update

Last night, reader Krystl discovered a coupon at the HEB website for $2.00 off an Essie product.  Essie products retail for $7.75 at HEB.  Recently I have found coupons attached to the Essie displays for $2.00 off.  The coupons are for HEB only, but they say manufacturer coupons at the top.

While talking about the deal on Reddit, it was suggested that the coupons may be able to be used together.  Technically, the printed coupon is a 'B' coupon which normally stacks on to a manufacturers coupon.  We were curious if this would work, since they are both HEB Only coupons.

Today I tried it and, surprisingly, it worked for the two Essie polishes I purchased.  Now there is a bit of a catch to this.  I asked the cashier, a very nice gentleman who was very patient, to scan the coupons that I found in the store first.  Those came off without a problem like regular manufacturers coupons.  The first printed 'B' coupon worked without a problem, but the second one gave us some issues.  After two tries, the cashier simply overrode for the coupon.  The printed coupons do come up as 'Big Savings' coupons, but the in-store ones do not.  The point can be argued that they should stack.  It worked for me.  But like all coupon deals, your mileage may vary on how it works.  But give it a shot!  Essie products for $3.75 or $5.75 is better than the $8.00+ it retails for at other stores!

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