Sunday, June 9, 2013

Review - Flower Beauty - Face the Grey Eyeshadow Quad

Hello everyone,

I recently purchased, prior to the no-buy, the Flower Beauty Face the Grey Eyeshadow Quad (EQ1).  Flower Beauty is a new product line at Wal-mart created in part by Drew Barrymore.  You can see their website here.  The packaging states that the product is "proudly made in the USA" and that the company "never tests on animals".

I really like the cute packaging on the Flower Beauty products.  They are light but sturdy, and not cumbersome to hold.  The rose gold detailing is a pretty extra.  The eyeshadow pans are large, so for $9.98, you are getting a good bit of product.  I like the magnetic closure on the quad as it feels like if I were to throw it in my makeup bag it won't open and spill eyeshadow everywhere.  The quad does not include a mirror.

Face the Grey has four colors, a shimmery light purple, a matte light grey, a shimmery dark pink, and a dark matte purple.  All shades have a nice texture, but I felt that the shimmery shades had a great deal of fallout.  All the colors swatched wonderfully.

I would certainly suggest using an eye primer when applying these shades to the eye.  Without an eye primer the matte grey was very light and did not appear on my eyelid.  The colors popped when I used an eye primer with them.  The shimmery colors wanted to travel a bit, so I found glittery bits on my cheek and on my nose as the day passed.  The palette works well together and I found the colors to be quite blendable.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Challenge for the Month of June

Hello everyone,

It has been quite some time since I have blogged.  I apologize for that, but I am hoping to get back into the swing of things with more posts and a challenge for June.

You see, over the last few months I have amassed quite a few drug stores products, samples, and other items that I have not been using.  It has been a tale of "oh, that looks pretty" followed by "I only have enough time to do my normal makeup routine."  Due to this a lot of my purchased products have been sitting unused, much to my husbands dismay.

Last night, I had an idea thanks to one of my favorite YouTube/Bloggers.  Every Friday, Emily Noel at Beauty Broadcast does an article called "Shop My Stash" where she uses goes back through her stash to find products that she loves, but has not used in a while.  I love the thought of this, because I have so many products, especially lipsticks and eyeshadows, that I could "shop" my products and always try a different look.

So for the month of June, I am going to attempt to do a no buy.  This means I will try not to buy any beauty products (including nail polish, makeup, or hair care) and just use the items that I have on hand.  Trust me, I am in no way going to run out.  I will still post about deals or cool sightings, but hopefully (fingers crossed) at the end of the month I will have no purchased anything, but will have a good idea of items I should or should not be using.  Also, I think that if I can do this and save the money, I may buy myself the Lorac Pro Palette that I have really been looking at getting.

As I go through my journey, I will be posting reviews of the products I use and possibly some looks.  I hope everyone enjoys it.

It does leave me with a question though.  Has anyone else put themselves through a no-buy?  How successful were you in it?  Do you feel that you would do it again or that it was worth it?

Have a happy weekend!