Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Texas Girls - HEB Deals 10/17/12

Hello everyone!!!  I'm mostly back now.  Last week was really bad, I was so sick all week long.  I ended up missing a week of work and not being able to leave my house except for doctors appointments.  My husband was and is being a great help and taking good care of me, so I have that going for me!

I have been better this week, though I have to have some tests done next week.  I should be in full swing on the blog this week though.  Thanks everyone for putting up with my absence!

Onto the HEB Beauty deals of the week!

  • $1.25 any CoverGirl or Queen Cosmetic product - "B" Coupon - Two weeks ago a ton of CG coupons came out in the newspaper that you can stack with this coupon.  If you weren't able to pick these up, you can order coupons from some websites.
  • 40% off any Physicians Formula Cosmetic product - "B" Coupon
  • $2.50 off any Almay Cosmetic - "B" Coupon
  • $0.50 Cents off any New York Color Cosmetic product - "B" Coupon - Some brands of NYC nail polish is $0.93 normally!  Nail polish under $0.50!
  • $2.00 off Nivea Hand or Body Creams or Lotions - "M" Coupon
  • $1.00 off St. Ives Face Care Products - "M" Coupon
  • $2.00 off any OXY Acne Clearing Treatment Item - "B" Coupon
  • Buy One Cetaphil Skincare Item, Get 2nd of equal for 50% off - "B" Coupon
  • Buy St Ives Body Lotion, Get St Ives Body Wash Free - "M" Coupon
  • $1.00 off any OPI Nail Decal - "B" Coupon

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Why It Is Important to Know What Is On Sale

Hello everyone!  I am on the mend and beginning to feel better after a week of being very under the weather.  Save for trips out to doctor appointments, I have been stuck in the house.  Today I was finally able to go out and see all the sales I was missing!  I'm so very happy that I did too!

Last week it was reported by lovelies at Nouveau Cheap that the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure products were being put on clearance for $1.89 at Walgreens.  The day I heard this report I went to one of my local Sally's and checked it out to see if it was in Texas.  And lo and behold it was!  Sadly, just this one tiny section had polish left in it.

$1.89?  Oh yeah, get in the cart!

Today when I went to the Walgreens that is across the street from my apartment (a different Walgreens then the one before), I found that nothing was marked with the orange tabs, just the regular price on the products.  I also found a completely full display of products.

$7.99 a pop ... what?!?

I asked the cashier to verify the price on a few of the polishes and she told me that they were ringing up on sale at $1.89.  Stupendous!  I dove in and scoured the rack for whatever caught my eye!  I will probably go back for more, I didn't want to go too crazy as I couldn't recall which ones I already owned.  $1.98 polish down from $7.99?  I love a good deal!!!

   My haul!  Ohhh purple!

I purchased Grass Slipper, Calypso Blue, Good To Grape, Purple Pulse, Plum Luck (and a car airfreshner) for $14.56!

Happy Shopping.  I hope this deal is still going on in your area!

Seen any good deals in your neck of the woods?  Let me know in the comments below!

And don't forget about GIVEAWAY!!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Check Out - Nailgasm - Indie Polish Maker

Hello everyone!  Check out Indie Polish Maker Nailgasm!!!  She makes her own beautiful polishes.  I just picked up Star Dust from her and will be doing a review on it once I feel human again.  If she can reach 100 likes on her Facebook page she will be having a sale for 10% off.  Check her out and get some beautiful Indie Polish!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ulta $5 off $10 thru 10/13

In Stores Only.  Ulta $5 off any $10 purchase.  Use this coupon 10/11 through 10/13.  On all items, this includes sale and clearance items.

Here is a link to the coupon!!

Happy Shopping!!

Texas Girls - HEB Deals Postponed

Hey everyone, I'm sorry but I will need to postpone this weeks Texas Girls until tomorrow or Friday. I have been under the weather all week and am unable to run over to the store to check out today's deal. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Hope everyone is well!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Polish Giveaway!

I am going to do my first giveaway.  Five polishes!  You have until 10/20/12 to enter.

The prize is CHI Behind Closed Doors, Sally Hansen LustreShine Copperhead, ZOYA Daul, NYC Matte Top Coat, Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Made in Jade.

Please enter below.  If we get over 50 subscribers, I might add a second prize.  :)

Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Urban Decay Sale - 20% off for Friends and Family

Urban Decay's Friends and Family Sale is going on now through 10/13.  Use code FFHOLIDAY12 at checkout.  It looks as if you can use the discount on items that are already on sale, like the $6.00 Vintage Eyeshadows.

Please let me know if you find any other great deals!

elf Deal : They Just Keep Coming!!

Along with the Trick or Treat sale you can use code TREAT at checkout for an additional 50% off during the elf sale.  Code good until 10/15!

e.l.f Trick or Treat - Treasure Hunt

e.l.f. announced their Trick or Treat Treasure Hunt this morning.  Various items on their website can be purchased for up to 80% off the original price, though you have to hunt them down.

If you go looking for items, you will find this image:
 if one of the items is discounted.  You will then have to find which item is discounted further.

I have compiled a list for everyone here.  Happy shopping!

Single Eyeshadow: Buttercream $1.50
Mineral Eyeshadow for $1.50 : In Outdoorsy, Dreamy, Beachy, Smoldering, or Flirty
Eye Brightener $1.50
Glitter Eyeshadow for $1.00 : In Nature Girl, Beachy Chic, Party Animal, Night Owl
Shimmering Facial Whip for $0.60 : In Camilia
Cream Eyeliner for $1.50 : In Copper
Eye Primer and Liner Sealer for $1.50
Shimmer Eye Liner Pencil for $0.50 : In Blissful Blush
Mineral Infused Mascara for $1.50
Mineral Eyeshadow Primer for $1.50 : In Sheer
Eyebrow Stencil Kit for $0.60
Dramatic Length False Eyelashes - Limited Edition for $0.60 : All colors
Dramatic Full False Eyelashes - Limited Edition for $0.60 : All colors
Silver Box Eyelash Kit - Limited Edition for $1.20
Individual False Lashes for $0.50 : In Brown
Mechanical Eyelash Curler for $0.60
Mineral Eyeliner Brush for $1.50
Mineral Lash & Brow Comb for $1.50
Mineral Smudge Brush for $1.50
Studio Pout Perfecter for $1.50
Plumping Lip Glaze for $0.60 : In Baby Doll
Mineral Lipstick for $2.50 : In Runway Pink and Rosy Tan,
Luscious Liquid Lipstick for $0.60 : In Ruby Slipper and Maple Sugar
Soothing Lip Balm for $0.50
Corrective Concealer for $1.80 : In Neutralize & Conceal
Translucent Matifying Powder for $1.80
Mineral Kabuki Blush for $3.20
Shine Eraser for $0.60
Powder Puffs Set of 4 for $0.60
Mineral Glow Kit for $9.00
Mineral Face Line Filler for $2.50
Shimmer Sheets for $1.50 : All Colors
Elements Custom Lips for $0.20 : All Colors
Elements Custom Face for $0.20
Signature Case for $4.00
Signature Train Cases for $6.00 : All Colors
Nail Polish for $1.00 : In Pearl, Cranberry, Mango Madness, Plum, Party Purple, Purple Dream, Royal Purple, Dark Glitter Purple

That's all the deals I found.  Let me know if I am missing one.  Thanks!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Water Marble Monday - Green and Black

Today's Water Marble is an oldie but a goodie.  I used Sinful Colors San Francisco (green) and Orchid Black Tie Affair (black).  The look was very easy to accomplish by swirling the orange stick in the water over the polish.  I used the green as a base coat before doing the water marble.  Hope you all enjoy!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Personalized Polishes - Make Your Own

Today I made my own nail polish colors.  It was very simple and fun to do, if not a tad messy.  I used the eyeshadow method.  In the next week, I will write a post on it but I wanted to show the colors that I had made in some quick swatches.

I wanted to thank Zazzlesthe7th for the inspirations.  All the talk you had on Indie polishes made me want to try my own.  And I wanted to thank SolarBears for the advice she gave me.

Here is a quick couple of swatches of the colors I made today.

Cream Pink, Cream Green, and black with dark blue sparkle

The possibilities with this seems pretty endless and I think I am going to have another obsession on my hands very soon.  But it's fun!!!

Any colors you guys think I should try?

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sally Beauty Supply Haul

Thursday night I posted about a Clearance sale at Sally Beauty Supply.  On Friday, I was able to swing by the store and see what goodies I could get.  If you'd like to see, please click after the jump.

The Sally's sale was great for me.  I had a lot of issues with the last Clearance sale to the point that I emailed Sally's corporate about their customer service.  When I went in on Friday, I first spoke with a manager to make sure that the sale was as it should be.  All red tagged items an additional 50% off.  They told me it was certainly on and I got to shopping.

I have been eyeing the China Glaze Bohemian Collection something fierce and already owned two of the polishes.  Luckily the set was all on sale.  I was able to pick up one of the China Glaze Hunger Games polishes for $0.75.  I also picked up an ORLY and two Finger Paints polishes.  

I was able to purchase 12 polishes.  With the clearance mark down this came to just under $20, so I picked up a mini black Sally's polish for $0.99.  Doing this allowed me to use a $10 off $20 purchase.  For my 13 polishes I paid $11.56!!!

I am ecstatic!!!  I love a good nail polish deal!!!

Anyone else able to get in on this deal?

Friday, October 5, 2012

Giveaway at Pinked Polish

Pinked Polish is a lovely Indy polish maker.  Seriously go check out her polish.  She has recently reached 500 members and is doing a giveaway.  Go check her out.  Really, go now!

Swatch - We're In It Together - Essie

Hello everyone!  I wanted to post up a swatch for everyone.  With this being Breast Cancer Awareness month, there are a lot of new polishes and makeup palettes to remind women up the importance to get routine checkups.  Essie has one display with four polishes that I blogged about here.

I did a swatch for the color I liked the most from the set, which is called "We're In It Together".  This is a "shimmery, iridescent pink", which in the bottle looks to have a shimmer between purplish blue and reddish pink.  It is wonderful to look at in the bottle, they way it would sparkle in different light.  That sparkle doesn't transfer to the nails very well though.

I found the polish to go on very oddly and very thin.  To get a serviceable look to it, I had to use three coats before the polish was opaque.  The polish would pool at the sides of the nail and into the cuticle.  Sadly the shimmer only is seen in very certain, very up close lighting.  Otherwise it looks like baby pink polish on the nails.

Here is a swatch of the color:

Here is the color in the bottle:

Under the flash of the camera, one can see the sparkle of the shimmer on the nails.  I would still have gotten the color as it has it's purposes, but as a baby pink polish I am sure there are some better and less expensive polishes out there.  I would pass on it, unless you are like me, and like to collect the new collections that come out.

This collection of Essie polishes can only be found in stores and retail from $7.75 - $9.00.

Texas Girls - HEB Deals - Essie Update

Last night, reader Krystl discovered a coupon at the HEB website for $2.00 off an Essie product.  Essie products retail for $7.75 at HEB.  Recently I have found coupons attached to the Essie displays for $2.00 off.  The coupons are for HEB only, but they say manufacturer coupons at the top.

While talking about the deal on Reddit, it was suggested that the coupons may be able to be used together.  Technically, the printed coupon is a 'B' coupon which normally stacks on to a manufacturers coupon.  We were curious if this would work, since they are both HEB Only coupons.

Today I tried it and, surprisingly, it worked for the two Essie polishes I purchased.  Now there is a bit of a catch to this.  I asked the cashier, a very nice gentleman who was very patient, to scan the coupons that I found in the store first.  Those came off without a problem like regular manufacturers coupons.  The first printed 'B' coupon worked without a problem, but the second one gave us some issues.  After two tries, the cashier simply overrode for the coupon.  The printed coupons do come up as 'Big Savings' coupons, but the in-store ones do not.  The point can be argued that they should stack.  It worked for me.  But like all coupon deals, your mileage may vary on how it works.  But give it a shot!  Essie products for $3.75 or $5.75 is better than the $8.00+ it retails for at other stores!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Update - Texas Girls - HEB Deals

Thank you so much, Krystl (a reader and fellow Random Acts of Polisher at Reddit), for sharing this link for a coupon at HEB that can be used on any Essie Nail Polish or Treatment!

$2 off Essie Product

They also have these coupons at the store.  I have seen them attached to the Essie displays at random so keep your eyes open for them.

Thanks again, Krystl!

Sally Beauty Red Tag Clearance Sale 10/5 - 10/7

Hey everyone!  I received an email this afternoon from Sally Beauty Supply.  They will be having another clearance sale this weekend.  50% off all red tagged items.  This discount should apply to the red tag price, so if it is marked down to $3.00 it should sell for $1.50.  I had issues with this last sale, but have confirmed with Sally Beauty's corporate that the items should ring up at 50% off the discounted price.

So hurry in to your local Sally Beauty!

Update:  I wanted to add that it looks as if the China Glaze Bohemian Luster is on clearance and those puppies will go fast!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Texas Girls - HEB Deals

Happy Wednesday everyone!  It is time for the HEB roundup.

If you need a reminder of how the M and B coupons work, please click here.  Let's get to this weeks coupons:

Expires 10/9/12:
$1.50 off Aquaphor Skin Care Healing Ointment - 'M' Coupon
$1.50 off Curel Lotions - 'M' Coupon
Buy HEB Cotton Rounds or Squares, Get $1 Cosmetic Bag Free - 'B' Coupon
$1.75 off Jergens Lotions, excludes 3 oz. lotions and Trial Size) - 'B' Coupon
Buy any one Nivea Lip Care Balm, Get 2nd Free - 'M' Coupon
$1.50 off Nivea Hand or Body Creams or Lotions - 'M' Coupon
Buy Suave Skin Lotion, Get Suave Body Wash Free - 'B' Coupon
$2.00 off Eucerin Face Creams or Body Lotions - 'M' Coupon
$1.00 off any L'Oreal Sublime Sun, Sublime Bronze, or L'Oreal Facial Cleanser - 'B' Coupon
$1.50 off Biore Face Care Products - 'M' Coupon
$3.00 off any L'Oreal Facial Moisturizer or Treatment - 'B' Coupon
$1.00 off Dove Body Wash or Bar Soap - 'M' Coupon
$1.00 off Nivea Men's or Women's Body Wash - 'B' Coupon
$2.00 off L'Oreal Lip, Foundations, Powder, Blush, Concealers and Mascara - 'B' Coupon
$2.00 off Revlon Nail, Eye, and Beauty Tools - 'B' Coupon
$3.00 off Revlon Face and Lip - 'B' Coupon
Buy any one Orchid Professional Nail Lacquer, Get 2nd Free - 'M' Coupon
Buy two Pantene Shampoos, 2n1's and/or Conditioners, Get Pantene Styler Free - 'M' Coupon
$1.00 off any L'Oreal EverPure, EverSleek, EverStrong, EverCream or EverStyle Shampoo, Conditioner or Styler Product - 'M' Coupon

Expires 10/30/12:
$1.50 off Burt's Bees Lotions - 'M' Coupon
$1.00 off Sea Breeze Astringent - 'M' Coupon

Happy Shopping!!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Essie Breast Cancer Awareness - 31 Days of Pink

Essie is doing a neat little countdown of days in October, with "31 Days of Pink".  Each day wear a different color of pink.  You can find out more here.  Essie has a new collection out this month with four pink shades to help raise awareness.  While I can not find any information about sales of the four shades going to charity, the Essie websites does say that they have made a donation to the Living Beyond Breast Cancer foundation.

Has your life been touched by someone who has had Breast Cancer?

Sinful Colors Bewitched and Take a Bite Collections

I finally spotted the new Halloween collections for Sinful Colors.  I found these at two different Walgreens on the opposite side of town, which is frustrating for me.  I wish my closest Walgreens would step it up a notch!  There are two collections, Bewitched and Take a Bite.

The first Halloween collection is called Bewitched.

Bewitched Collection

The Bewitched collection includes three stripers, in Orange, Black, and White.  The returning colors in the collection are Let's Talk (blue), Courtney Orange, and Black on Black.  The new color in the collection is Pumpkin Spice.  

Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Spice is very pretty in the bottle.  It is a red and golden glitter that goes on smoothly, but as many glitters requires a few coats to look full.  It reminds me more of maple leaves and fall, then pumpkins however.  I think when placed closer to the orange color in the display, it looks more orange, but on the hand it looks more red.  I think it is pretty however and would look good with any fall looks someone wants to create.  In the swatch I used a base coat of Seche Clear and two coats of Pumpkin Spice.  On my ring finger I used one coat of Sinful Colors Sugar, Sugar and one coat of Pumpkin Spice.

Pumpkin Spice Swatch

The second collection is Take a Bite.

Take a Bite

Sadly, there are no new colors in the collection, but the Crackle may be new to Sinful Colors.  I am not a fan of the crackle look, so I don't collect them.  If anyone knows if the shade "Black Crackle" is new to the Sinful Colors line, please leave a comment and let me know.  The Take a Bite collection includes Black Crackle, Irish Green (not pictured), Sugar Sugar, and Cloud 9.  The three colors are part of the normal Sinful Colors line.

Do you like the new Pumpkin Spice polish?  Leave a comment with your thoughts!

Water Marbling Monday

Happy Monday everyone.  I hope the weekend went well for you!

It is time for another Water Marbling Monday.  This weekend I wanted to support the home team, so I did a Burnt Orange and White water marble.  You guessed it I'm a Longhorns fan.  It's hard not be when living in Austin.  This was done by using the steps in the Water Marbling Tutorial, which can be found here.

For this marble, I used OPI Clubbing til Sunrise and Orchid Love At First White.  For those that don't know, Orchid is a brand of polish that can be found at HEB in Texas.

Enjoy the rest of your Monday!  Hook 'em horns!!!  \m/