Tuesday, October 9, 2012

e.l.f Trick or Treat - Treasure Hunt

e.l.f. announced their Trick or Treat Treasure Hunt this morning.  Various items on their website can be purchased for up to 80% off the original price, though you have to hunt them down.

If you go looking for items, you will find this image:
 if one of the items is discounted.  You will then have to find which item is discounted further.

I have compiled a list for everyone here.  Happy shopping!

Single Eyeshadow: Buttercream $1.50
Mineral Eyeshadow for $1.50 : In Outdoorsy, Dreamy, Beachy, Smoldering, or Flirty
Eye Brightener $1.50
Glitter Eyeshadow for $1.00 : In Nature Girl, Beachy Chic, Party Animal, Night Owl
Shimmering Facial Whip for $0.60 : In Camilia
Cream Eyeliner for $1.50 : In Copper
Eye Primer and Liner Sealer for $1.50
Shimmer Eye Liner Pencil for $0.50 : In Blissful Blush
Mineral Infused Mascara for $1.50
Mineral Eyeshadow Primer for $1.50 : In Sheer
Eyebrow Stencil Kit for $0.60
Dramatic Length False Eyelashes - Limited Edition for $0.60 : All colors
Dramatic Full False Eyelashes - Limited Edition for $0.60 : All colors
Silver Box Eyelash Kit - Limited Edition for $1.20
Individual False Lashes for $0.50 : In Brown
Mechanical Eyelash Curler for $0.60
Mineral Eyeliner Brush for $1.50
Mineral Lash & Brow Comb for $1.50
Mineral Smudge Brush for $1.50
Studio Pout Perfecter for $1.50
Plumping Lip Glaze for $0.60 : In Baby Doll
Mineral Lipstick for $2.50 : In Runway Pink and Rosy Tan,
Luscious Liquid Lipstick for $0.60 : In Ruby Slipper and Maple Sugar
Soothing Lip Balm for $0.50
Corrective Concealer for $1.80 : In Neutralize & Conceal
Translucent Matifying Powder for $1.80
Mineral Kabuki Blush for $3.20
Shine Eraser for $0.60
Powder Puffs Set of 4 for $0.60
Mineral Glow Kit for $9.00
Mineral Face Line Filler for $2.50
Shimmer Sheets for $1.50 : All Colors
Elements Custom Lips for $0.20 : All Colors
Elements Custom Face for $0.20
Signature Case for $4.00
Signature Train Cases for $6.00 : All Colors
Nail Polish for $1.00 : In Pearl, Cranberry, Mango Madness, Plum, Party Purple, Purple Dream, Royal Purple, Dark Glitter Purple

That's all the deals I found.  Let me know if I am missing one.  Thanks!

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