Friday, October 5, 2012

Swatch - We're In It Together - Essie

Hello everyone!  I wanted to post up a swatch for everyone.  With this being Breast Cancer Awareness month, there are a lot of new polishes and makeup palettes to remind women up the importance to get routine checkups.  Essie has one display with four polishes that I blogged about here.

I did a swatch for the color I liked the most from the set, which is called "We're In It Together".  This is a "shimmery, iridescent pink", which in the bottle looks to have a shimmer between purplish blue and reddish pink.  It is wonderful to look at in the bottle, they way it would sparkle in different light.  That sparkle doesn't transfer to the nails very well though.

I found the polish to go on very oddly and very thin.  To get a serviceable look to it, I had to use three coats before the polish was opaque.  The polish would pool at the sides of the nail and into the cuticle.  Sadly the shimmer only is seen in very certain, very up close lighting.  Otherwise it looks like baby pink polish on the nails.

Here is a swatch of the color:

Here is the color in the bottle:

Under the flash of the camera, one can see the sparkle of the shimmer on the nails.  I would still have gotten the color as it has it's purposes, but as a baby pink polish I am sure there are some better and less expensive polishes out there.  I would pass on it, unless you are like me, and like to collect the new collections that come out.

This collection of Essie polishes can only be found in stores and retail from $7.75 - $9.00.

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