Thursday, March 13, 2014

Swatches - Revlon - Limited Edition Lip Glosses - Electric Chrome Amazing Spiderman 2 Collection

Hello, everyone!

Yesterday I put up a post about the Limited Edition display for the Electric Chrome Amazing Spiderman 2 collection.  In that display were three limited edition lip glosses.  Today I decided to pick all three of the lip glosses up.  The lip glosses have a lot of shimmer, so I am a little unsure of how often I will use them on the weekdays, but I bet I will have a lot of fun with them on the weekends.  Yes, even the blue one.

Please click through to see the swatches!

I have taken swatch pictures of each lip gloss on my arm.  The pictures are very close up because I wanted to show the glitter/shimmer in them.  I apologize if they seem a bit blurry.  If they appear to blurry, please let me know and I will reswatch.  Glitter/shimmer products are a bit hard to photograph, but we will persevere!  If you want to see something different or have any suggestions to make the pictures better, please let me know.  I would like to take better pictures, so I am open to suggestions.

On to the swatches.

The three lipglosses each have black handles with nifty gold spiderweb designs.

The first color is a bright red called "Sparks Fly".

(Sparks Fly)

Sparks Fly has light red base with red and pinky shimmer.  It seems to duo a little orange to me.  More orange than pink in some light.  You can see in the swatch that there is pink shimmer in it.

(Sparks Fly swatch)

The second color is called "Killer-Watt".


Killer-Watter is more of a fuschia with pink, purple, and blue shimmer.  The base is far more pink than Sparks Fly.

(Killer-Watt Swatch)

The last color is called "Electro-Shock".


Electro-Shock in the bottle looks like a blue duochromed purple.  Out of the bottle it is a light blue with bluish-purple shimmer.  I was actually surprised that it had the amount of blue in the base that it had.

(Electro-Shock Swatch)

I spotted this display at my local HEB.  I am a Texas girl and that is our local grocery store.  I suspect it will start showing up at other drug stores soon.  Let me leave you with a last swatch below.  Leave your thoughts!  Will you be picking up these lipglosses?

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