Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spotted - Revlon Limited Edition Electric Chrome Collection - Amazing Spiderman 2

Hello, everyone!

I hope you are doing well today.  While I was at HEB today, I was lucky enough to find that they had two new Revlon displays out.  The one that I wanted to talk about in this blog post was the new Limited Edition Revlon collection.  This collection is a tie-in with the upcoming movie the Amazing Spiderman 2.

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The new Revlon display is a mix of new items, recently released items, and oldies but goodies.  There are lip butters, lip glosses, nail polishes, blushes, eye liners, and mascaras included in the display.  The limited edition nail polishes and lip glosses have golden spiderweb accents on the black handles, which is a cute little detail.

(Am I the only one that thinks the upside down kiss was still the best?)

The left side of the display is supposed to show Gwen Stacy's (Emma Stone) daytime look, while the right side is supposed to show her night time look.  Lucky for us she uses the same blush, eye liner and mascara for both looks.  The lip butters are, sadly, not new.  But if you're curious, for the day time look they are Creme Brulee and Cotton Candy, while for the night time look it is Wild Watermelon.

The exciting part, or should I say ... electrifying ... part of this look are the nail polishes and lip glosses in the middle of the display.  The Electric Chrome Collection contains three limited edition lip glosses and six limited edition nail polishes.  All nine items appear to be duochrome and very shimmery.  That includes the lipglosses.

A fair bit of warning in regards to my pictures.  While the ladies who run my HEB Beauty department are fairly patient with me running around taking pictures of their merchandise other customers are not.  I was unable to stand there for long periods of time and try to get the duochrome effect to show up on for the items.  To me, it appeared that all items had a subtle amount of duochrome.  In my experience, duochromes are very hit or miss with Revlon products.  So, with that said, buyer beware.

To the product pictures!

(Spidey Sense)

(I'm Electro)

(Gwen's Crush)

(Electrified Web)


(1000 Volts)

Now for the lipglosses.  I think I need to have all the lipglosses in my life.  I don't know what I'm going to do with a blue/purple shimmery lipgloss, but I am fairly sure that I need to own it.

(Sparks Fly - red/orangey shimmer)

(Killer-Watt pinky/blue/purply shimmer)

(Electro-Shock - blue/purple shimmer)

I took a picture of all three of the lipglosses together, because I wanted to show the difference between the two red shades.

I will be returning to HEB tomorrow to pick up the lipglosses and hope to have some swatches up.  The nail polishes retail for $7.99 at HEB and the lipglosses retail for $6.48.  Currently Revlon is 40% off at HEB.  Happy shopping everyone!!!

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