Saturday, March 8, 2014

Swatches - New Maybelline EyeStudio Quad in Plum Passion

Hello everyone,

I do apologize for not posting more routinely.  I have been busy with work and school, but I am back today to talk about a lovely new limited edition item I found last night.  While shopping at my local Bed, Bath, and Beyond store I saw this wonderful Maybelline display.

It is called "A Whole New Twist on Black".  Which is interesting, as there is only one black product in the whole display (the mascara on the right).  The display contains four mascaras in four different colors: blue, purple, green, and black.  It has three eyeliners also in blue, purple, and green.  And the star of the show in my opinion are the three new Eyestudio quads, also in (you guessed it) blue, purple, and green.  Now we have been seeing the mascara show up in a separate display which you can see at Nouveau Cheap's site.  The mascaras are in the Mega Plush formula, which I find to be a little wet but work in a pinch if you put some effort in to it.  I did purchase this mascara in the purple from the other display.

From this display, I did buy the purple Eyestudio quad in Plum Passion because ... well ... purple.  I have to say that I really like it though.  The eyeshadows are very smooth and buttery.  For glittery eyeshadows they are not rough at all.  I have not worn them on the eye yet, but I believe they will be the same quality we have come to expect from the Maybelline Eyestudio line.  Below are swatches for the new quad.


(Front Open)



As an aside, I shared these pictures with Gianna at Nouveau Cheap so she may share them with the readers of her blog.

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