Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Spotted - ORLY "Spellbound" Collection

More Halloween stuff than you can shake a stick at.  While out this afternoon, I happened on an endcap with these little lovelies on it.  ORLY "Spellbound" Collection for Halloween.

This set includes three glitter polishes and one smooth black color.  (Please excuse the blurry quality of my pictures, I took them in a hurry.)

Monster Mash - different shades of green glitter

Right Amount of Evil - orange glitter

RIP - black and orange glitter

Liquid Vinyl - a smooth black polish

The "Liquid Vinyl" shade has a tag wrapped around the neck of the bottle, which I photoed and included here.  It reads "Flash GlamFX.  Layer over black to intensify the effect."

I was unable to purchase these today.  Has anyone else tried them that likes them?  I am thinking I may pick up the orange and black polish.  Hope you find them at your stores!  Good luck.

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