Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sinful Colors - Muse

I just got back from Walgreens with a very pleasant surprise.  The new Sinful Colors collection has hit!  I love these!  They are rich and dark!  All of the colors are grayish toned and I love that.  Here is a picture of the display:

Interesting shades, right?  I picked up everything in the display, though I already owned Last Chance and Rain Storm.  That means there are six new products here!  This is what the Muse Collection contains:

Left to right:  Last Chance (948) & Rain Storm (1053)

Jungle Trail (1132) & Smokin (1131)

Mesmerize (1128) & Muse (1129)

Inkwell (1130) & In The Mist (1063)

I swatched all of the colors so everyone can get a good look at them and I think they are gorgeous.  A few of them are streaky with one coat, but I was being quick about getting them applied to the nails.  These are only with one coat.

Without flash:  (Left to Right) Rainstorm, Mesmerize, Muse, Jungle Trail, Smokin, In The Mist, Last Chance, Inkwell

 With flash:

That's the collection.  I really love the colors, especially Mesmerize.  It is a deep purple that I do not have in my collection yet.

Does anyone have any dupe suggestions for any of these colors?

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