Tuesday, September 18, 2012

First morning of Keto

I am trying to lose weight again.  I have tried this lifestyle change before and it did very well for a time.  I ate less processed food, drank a ton more water, and felt over healthy and good.  I switched out of the keto/paleo lifestyle earlier this year when my husbands father passed away and we were under a lot of stress.  That coupled with the stress of my old job and than changing jobs really has kept me on my toes and unable to commit to the diet.

Hopefully, that all changes today.  I'm eating breakfast right now.  Scrambled eggs and cheese with two slices of bacon and a cup of coffee.  I packed my lunch with a salad and a chicken breast.

I loved the diet last time I did it and once over the first hump of the detox from sugar it goes pretty well.  So here is me wishing myself good luck.

Have a good day, ya'll.

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