Thursday, October 31, 2013

First Look Swatches - Profusion Twinkle Twinkle 5 Color Eyeshadow Palette in Purples

Hello everyone,

Today while at my local Walgreens I found the new $1.00 Profusion palettes that are being released for Christmas.  I purchased three different ones, one with shimmery browns, one with greens, and one with purples.  The first one to be swatched was the purple palette.  This is just a first look quick swatch.  A more in depth set of swatches will follow in the next few days.

I found the eyeshadows to be slightly powdery but nicely pigmented.  I used two swipes (dip in pan, rub on skin, dip in pan, rub on skin ... all swatches with no primer) to get these swatches.  From just the quick swatch, I found that the lightest purple color appears to be a grey to purple duochrome.  I will play with this a little more in the coming days to see if I still agree with that assessment.

Until next time.  Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!


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