Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sinful Colors 2013 - New Halloween Collection

Hello everyone!

Halloween is upon us!!!  Walgreens and HEB are starting to display the new Halloween items, which is always very exciting.  My Walgreens seems to be a bit slow on the uptake this year, as they have only one small endcap dedicated to Halloween.  That is okay though, it means I can spread the purchases out over time instead of buying it all in one mad dash.  Check out more about the new Sinful Colors Halloween polish here.

While at my Walgreens today, I was disappointed that the Sinful Colors corner display was not out yet.  This cardboard haunted house cutout has the Halloween polishes (mostly re-promotes) as well as the previously discontinued nail stripers.  You can read more about that display at Nouveau Cheap here.  What I was very happy to see was a small display of Sinful Colors for Halloween.  This is like most Sinful Colors collections as it has 7 - 9 different polishes displayed.  I forgot to take a photo of it, but I will return and add one later on.

The collection is mainly re-promotes, including Inkwell, Black on Black, Let's Talk, and Courtney Orange.  A return favorite from last year is the glitter polish Pumpkin Spice.  I did a blog post on it last year, which you can see here, when it was part of the Bewitched Collection.  The new color this year is Black Magic, a orange and greyish-black glitter polish.

(Sinful Colors Black Magic 1134)

Black Magic has a beautiful sparkle to it.  The base is a slightly tinted black and the shine comes from the mini glitter in silver and black.  The orange glitter is placed evenly throughout the product and a good coverage of it comes out when you use the polish.  I did some swatches of the polish one over Courtney Orange, one over Black on Black, and one without a base.

Personally, I think it looks best over the black though I may try it over a grey as well.  

Hopefully there will be some more new Halloween products soon.  I am hoping to get my hands on the China Glaze Halloween collection.  Is there anything in particular that you guys are looking forward to for this Halloween?


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